After 6 years of full-time photography, I'm often getting asked 2-3 times a week "How did you build this business?!" among so many other questions. From gear, business questions, camera settings, portfolio building, I absolutely love helping with it all. From grabbing a coffee & talking logistics, to shooting a real session together... let me know what you're itching to learn and I'm happy to help.

photography mentor

Coffee date(online or in person)

If you want to talk business, logistics, how to get it started, building websites etc., this is for you!! This lasts up to an hour and can include portfolio review, getting clients, editing help, workflow help and any other questions you may have. 


fraser river lodge wedding

shoot date

From handling different lighting to posing, interacting with clients, keeping them comfortable, picking locations, camera settings and all the questions you can squeeze in... if you want to learn how to run a session, this is for you! 




Please contact me if you have questions or would like to book!